By John Dugan

For many men, the first few months of a marriage go about the same way – the sex is quite frequent, the level of passion is high, and masturbation without that loving partner just doesn’t feel right. And besides that, there is more than enough sex going on to make a man completely forget about doing it solo. But when the passion dies down and longer periods of time pass between amorous sessions, good penis care – and happy matrimony – might require a bit of masturbation.

Masturbation and marriage go hand-in-hand

The old idea that a partner should be more than enough to fulfill all sensual needs might be true for a brief period of time during that honeymoon, but the day-to-day routine and grind of simply living life begins to take a toll. Thus, masturbation comes into play.

There’s really good news about this: recent studies have found that the great things about masturbation often translate into great things about relationships. Here’s what masturbation can do for a marriage.

1. Stress levels drop. The longer a man goes without sex, the more tense he can become. This tension is then carried over into other parts of his life, leaving him less effective at work, more irritable with friends and much more likely to argue with his spouse over the most inconsequential things. Masturbation is a magic potion that alleviates stress and makes a man happier, healthier and more pleasant to be around.

2. Take charge of pleasure. Masturbation during the ‘dry spells’ of a marriage can be empowering. It proves that a man is in control of his own pleasure, and that he can ‘pick up the slack’ when things get a little stale. This is a reminder that a man is in charge of his own happiness, and that he can take his problems in hand, so to speak.

3. Stay amped up. When too much time passes between hot and steamy sex sessions, a man can begin to feel as though he’s losing touch with his manhood. Regular masturbation can keep desire levels high by reminding him how good it feels to have that pleasure and that can make him more likely to seek out his spouse for even more of that feel-good fun.

4. Fantasies run wild. Masturbation encourages a very active fantasy life, where anything and everything is possible. Those fantasies often turn into a question of ‘wonder what that would feel like in real life?’ And a result of that is engaging the spouse in the fun. A man with an active fantasy life can really light things up between the sheets, so don’t hesitate to think about all the naughty things that might be enjoyable.

5. Deal with attraction. Even when someone chooses to settle down for the rest of their lives with that one person they dearly love, that doesn’t flip the attraction switch. Spouses can still be attracted to people outside the marriage and wonder what it might be like to have sex with them. Masturbation can allow that fantasy to come to life in a very safe way that won’t cause any issues with the marriage – whereas actually trying it out would definitely be a recipe for trouble!

Getting ready for marital action

Whether a man is using masturbation to fill in the gaps between sex sessions or having so many intimate encounters that he doesn’t even think about solo play, one thing remains the same: staying ready for action requires the use of a powerful penis health crème.  Men who masturbate frequently should look for a crème that contains acetyl L carnitine, an amino acid that protects against peripheral nerve damage that might result from extended masturbation sessions. Look for a crème that also contains vitamins such as B5, A and C, as well as other nutrients, all applied in a Shea butter or vitamin E hydrating base.

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